Festival Artists 2018

Welcome to the 29th Festival du Bois!

Join us in Coquitlam’s Mackin Park from March 23-25 to experience brilliant francophone, folk and world music from some of Canada’s finest artists plus fabulous food, fascinating workshops, fun on-site activities and entertainment – and more!

The community of Maillairdville invites you and your friends and family to shore a wonderful weekend with us. Everyone is welcome!

Here’s who’s performing…

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Le Vent du Nord

Featuring button accordion, guitar, fiddle, and hurdy-gurdy, the award-winning and highly-acclaimed band Le Vent du Nord is a leading force in Quebec’s progressive francophone folk movement.  The quintet's vast repertoire draws from both traditional sources and original compositions. Their hard-driving soulful music, rooted in the Celtic diaspora, is fueled by a broad range of global influences.  WEBSITE

Samedi / Saturday 2:15pm
Ateliers / Workshop Mackin House

Samedi / Saturday 7:30pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche / Sunday 3:45am
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Bon Débarras

Uniting the worlds of music, dance and party, Montreal's Bon Débarras (in English "good riddance") brings together a fusion of Québécois folk music, traditional step-dancing and sounds from around the world. It's music that's is full of fun and fire! On guitar, banjo, violin and harmonica, the trio's inventive energy taps into the rhythms of today, boldly transcending both boundaries and ages.  WEBSITE

Mercredi le 21 mars / Wednesday March 21
Dîner en Plaid at John B Pub, 7pm

Samedi / Saturday 1:15pm
Ateliers / Workshop Mackin House

Samedi / Saturday 6pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche / Sunday 11am
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Les Chauffeurs à pieds

Here is French-Canadian traditional music at its finest! The four musicians of Les Chauffeurs à pieds (meaning either "Drivers on Foot" or "The Feet Warmers") are among the best in Canada - lauded for their reels and jigs on fiddle, harmonica, mandolin, French horn, and guitar, and for their galvanizing foot-rhythms (podo-rhythmie). They're also renowned for their glorious traditional songs and ballads.   WEBSITE

Samedi / Saturday 12pm
Ateliers / Workshop Mackin House

Samedi / Saturday 4:30pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche / Sunday 2:30am
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage


Mazacote is a sizzling six-piece world-Latin Vancouver band with deep roots in Nicaragua, Mozambique and Colombia. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean rhythms and tropical party sounds, and featuring the captivating voice of Nicaraguan singer/songwriter David Lopez, the band plays groove-heavy Latin dance beats charged with a socially conscious message. It's a world dance party for folks of all ages! WEBSITE

Dimanche / Sunday 1:15pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Gabriel Dubreuil

Equally at home in a stunning range of musical genres, Gabriel Dubeuil is a passionate young violinist who easily moves between the traditional sounds of Québécois and klezmer music, to Celtic swing, to jazz - and beyond. Now based in BC, this graduage of Boston's Berklee College of Music (jazz performance and American Roots music) is a true musical force on the rise. WEBSITE

Samedi  / Saturday 11:30am
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Jacky Essombe

An enthusiastic ambassador for African culture, Jacky Essombe uses dance as a medium to share her rich heritage – the traditions, cultures and history of Africa and the wisdom of her ancestors. Originally from Cameroon, she grew up in Paris and now lives in Vancouver, where she inspires and entertains all ages as a charismatic dancer, performer, storyteller, teacher, and speaker.

Dimanche  / Sunday 12pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche / Sunday 2pm
Ateliers / Workshop Mackin House


Among Vancouver's finest Celtic bands, the four talented musicians of Blackthorn bring an extensive repertoire of music rooted in the musical traditions of Scotland and Ireland as well as the folk music of English and French Canada - including creative original compositions.  Come hear lively jigs and reels and songs with rousing choruses and heart-wrenching airs and ballads, all delivered with polish and panache. WEBSITE

Samedi  / Saturday 1:30pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage



The word podorhythmie is Québécois for foot rhythms, the galvanizing percussive accompaniment to music that's made by tapping and stomping feet. Now it also refers to an amazing five-member group hailing from Canada, the US, and France known for their dynamic, good time performance of Québécois and Cape Breton music and dance. Fiddle, accordion, song, and lots of hard shoe step dancing interspersed with crankie (moving panorama) shows makes for a unique experience full of energy, rhythm, and surprise.

Samedi / Saturday 12:15pm
Tente des infants / Petit Chapiteau

Samedi  / Saturday 3pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche  / Sunday 10am
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche  / Sunday 12pm
Ateliers / Workshop Mackin House