Artisans – Vendors

Souvenir Booth

Drop by the Info and Souvenir Booth and pick up some maple syrup, Festival t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs!


To ensure you’re attired in true Festival-du-Bois-style, don a traditional Québécois sash and stop by Froggers for a handmade froggy toque, scarf, slippers, or tea cozy!

Coconama Chocolate

Our colourful chocolates have been attracting attention since we opened “La Chocolaterie” in Richmond in Dec. 2010. The combination of high-quality ingredients, colorful presentation and smooth texture will surprise and delight you, and you can only find them here…we call it “Coconama” style chocolate... You will find a wide selection of chocolates in surprising innovative flavors such as Green tea, Lemon Basil, Tomato and so on. Enjoy the harmony of chocolate and our selected globally-sourced ingredients.


Tojo Sticks and Bags

100% hand crafted sticks & bags. 100% ready for adventure. Tojo's workshop is located in beautiful Coquitlam, BC Canada. All of Tojo's products are sold exclusively at local festivals, craft fairs and farmer's markets.


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