MAZ invites you to hop on a wild flying canoe to a world of original compositions, starting with traditional Québécois music, then traveling through the depths of modal jazz into trance-inducing modern grooves. It’s a bold assertion of francophone acoustic tradition with an electro edge and intense on-stage energy. Collecting a raft of rave reviews, this trad-mod union features Marc Maziade (electric guitar, banjo, foot percussion, programming), Pierre-Olivier Dufresne (violin, mandolin, foot percussion), Roxane Beaulieu (keyboards), and Mathieu Royer (bass).


Samedi / Saturday 7:30pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage


Dimanche / Sunday 2:00pm
Tente Des Ateliers / Workshop Tent

Dimanche / Sunday 3:15pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

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