Originally from Maliotenam in north-eastern Québec, Shauit Kashinemu is a remarkable singer-songwriter making a name for himself in the aboriginal community internationally, as well as in the greater music world, TV and film. Singing in Creole, French, English, but predominantly in his native Innu, his songs are honest, sometimes political, reflections of his life, his culture and his worldview. This one-of-a-kind artist ingeniously mixes Innu traditional music, indigenous folk and other popular genres – often with a reggae, pop and dancehall flavour.


Samedi / Saturday 4:20pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche / Sunday 1:30pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche / Sunday 3:00pm
Ateliers / Workshop Mackin House

View in: French