Tipsy 3

New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/Québec

We welcome a vibrant meeting of musical talents in this all-gal trio of musicians (accordion, fiddle, piano and dance) just waiting to share their passion for the traditional music of Québec, Acadie, Ireland, Scotland, Ontario and the Maritimes with you. With a wealth of awards and credits, these magicians of sound are Jocelyne Bourque (fiddle, from Moncton, NB), Kimberley Holmes (piano and fiddle, from Carrolls Corner, NS), and Susie Lemay (accordion, from Lévis, QC).

Samedi / Saturday 12:30pm
Ateliers / Workshop Mackin House

Samedi / Saturday 2:10pm
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

Dimanche / Sunday 10:30am
Grand Chapiteau / Main Stage

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