Friday Night Concert

Friday Night March 4

Mathieu Lippé &  Les Surveillantes
at Auditorium Jules-Verne
5445 Baillie Street, Vancouver

With his feet rooted in storytelling, his mind deep in poetry and his heart full of songs, Mathieu Lippé inhabits a thoroughly original universe. Not only does he get your feet boogying, he’ll have your brain grooving to the rhythm of his entertaining verse and infectious, imaginative tales.

Les Surveillantes (pronounced leh soor-vay-aunt: the “supervisors”) is an electrifying young band hailing from St. Boniface, Manitoba. Part folk-pop, part raw acoustic sound with elements of bluegrass and rap thrown in, they sing their harmony-rich tunes “old-time style” around shared microphones. Their lyrics, in French, talk about love, science, apathy and life in the great white north. The band’s dynamic energy on-stage showcases their diverse tapestry of intelligent, heartfelt and groovy songs—and an infectious sense of humour that, between songs, fills in the blanks for monolingual Anglophones in their audiences.

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Tickets: $20 non-members, $15 members