Prince Edward Island and the windswept Magdalen Islands, this is where the trio Vishtèn comes from, and their music is both a celebration of their Acadian roots and an embracing of Celtic and other Maritime folk traditions - traditions that

Comté de Clare

Here is a recently formed trio performing a new kind of tradition-based Acadian music. From Baie Sainte-Marie (Clare), an Acadian region in south-western Nova Scotia, three music veterans got together to employ the organic sound of live instruments (violin, keyboard,

Les Tireux d’Roches

With roots in Quebec’s Mauricie region, this celebrated international touring quintet perform a dynamic mix of original compositions and re-workings from the traditional French and Québécois repertoire. On accordion, guitar, bouzouki, percussion, wind instruments and podorythmie, they’ve been delighting folk


Originally from Maliotenam in north-eastern Québec, Shauit Kashinemu is a remarkable singer-songwriter making a name for himself in the aboriginal community internationally, as well as in the greater music world, TV and film. Singing in Creole, French, English, but predominantly

Seconde Nation

Meet a dynamic Acadian folk quartet from New Brunswick! With music steeped in the tradition, from 2016 to 2017, this group of happy musicians was at the heart of the acclaimed show L'Acadie, a country that tells itself in Moncton,

Alpha Yaya Diallo

Originally from West Africa, BC-based guitarist, singer and three-time Juno-winner, Alpha Yaya Diallo has earned a global reputation for the excellence of his musicianship and for successfully uniting the traditional and the contemporary. Growing up, Diallo was exposed to a

Jou Tou

BC is home to a wealth of superb and eclectic musical talent, and Jou Tou is a prime example. World music veterans Qiu Xia He and André Thibault’s aim their formidable chops at French music from around the world —

André Thériault

André’s mission is to keep the grand legacy of French Canadian traditional music’s greatest singers and songs alive for the next generation to enjoy. Sing along with him to Alouette, hear Félix Leclerc's The North Train, along with

La Boussole

La Boussole presents a new puppet theater show. Come discover the creative results of the puppet making workshops held by the members of La Boussole Francophone Centre as they express their voice, experience, and artistic talents. La Boussole (The Compass)


Podorythmie is Québécois for "foot rhythms". It’s also a five member all-gal group known for their high energy and good time performances of French Canadian music and dance.  With fiddle, accordion, songs and lots of hard shoe step dancing interspersed

Jean-Pierre Makosso

Born in a traditional community in Pointe-Noire in Congo Brazzavile, Jean-Pierre Makosso now invites you to share his experience with Makosso Village – a place of stories that will capture your heart. There is music and dancing and you'll laugh,

Will Stroet

Will is a Juno-nominated singer-songwriter, CBC Kids TV star, educator and dad whose multilingual music ignites imagination and motivates movement in the young and young-at-heart. Drawing from his own experiences, Will creates songs and stories that entertain the whole family.