Activities at Heritage Square

Visual Arts at Place des Arts 

”We’re not out of the woods”   


Thursday, February 27 to Saturday, March 15, 2014 
Place des Arts • Leonore Peyton Salon
1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam
Free Admission 

To take our 25th anniversary celebrations to their highest level, Festival du Bois has selected two exceptional local artists to feature in an exhibit at Place des Arts. We wanted to showcase artists with well-planted roots in this region – this area which was, for many back east in 1909, the “promised land,” with its lush, beautiful rainforests. Expressing themselves differently, both featured artists find their inspiration in nature and choose wood as their inspiration.

Festival visitors will be able to expand their knowledge of wood art and how contemporary artists use this very unique medium.

MandaraMandara Lebovitz
Wood artist Mandara Lebovitz’s exhibition, Inspirations from Minnekhada, is both a beautiful portrait of our beloved local wilderness and a journey into the nature of wood itself! Featuring unique handcrafted wood art primarily created with a blow torch and paint, Lebovitz reveals her very own style of art.

one-plus-one_webLeesa Hanna
Leesa Hanna has always had a strong interest in exploring the natural beauty of art found in our everyday lives, and it’s what she strives to portray in her art. She finds much to contemplate regarding trees – in all their many shapes and sizes; their strength, simplicity and most of all, their importance to all life. Working in various media, Leesa delights in the many different mediums available to express this connection.


Musée Mackin House Museum
During the weekend of March 1 & 2, enjoy a tour of historic Musée Mackin House Museum (open noon-4pm). Located directly opposite the festival main entrance to Mackin Park, the Museum captures a slice of life in the early 1900’s, when Maillardville was first established. Mr. Mackin and his family lived in the house during his time as the manager of Fraser Mills. The house has been restored and is full of interesting artefacts from that era.  Please call 604.516.6151 to book a tour.

Saturday, March 1 to Sunday March 2, 2014
Musée Mackin House Museum • Workshops
1116 Brunette Ave, Coquitlam
Free Admission

Louis Léger (Famille Léger) @ 12:30pm
Déjah Léger @ 2:00pm

Louis Léger (Famille Léger) @ 12:30pm
Wesley Hardisty @ 1:00pm


Déjah Léger’s Crankies
Take a trip back in time to a winter living room where modern-day technology is replaced by the wonder of traditional art and music. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dejah Léger brings traditional French-Canadian and Appalachian songs and stories to new life with her “crankies”, a unique folk art tradition. For her crankies, Dejah hand-cuts black construction paper into intricate silhouettes, and then scrolls those original images across a backlit screen to musical accompaniment. Her show is nothing less than magic!

Louis Léger’s Kitchen Session!
Come see what Louis Léger does best! Pull up a kitchen chair and play, dance, and sing your heart out with Louis. Join him at Mackin House, and try to keep up with him on wooden spoons, step dancing or just singing along. Louis is an amazing musician who plays like no one else. His love of traditional French Canadian and Acadian music is infectious, and you’ll have a wonderful time in his company. And hey, it’s never too early to get your kids involved, too!

Wesley Hardisty
Wesley Hardisty is a fiddler, guitarist, singer and composer whose music blends rock, country, folk, Celtic and Métis sounds. Wesley is from the Dene First Nation in the Northwest Territories. Largely self taught, he took up the fiddle at age thirteen in Fort Simpson through the outreach work of the Kole Crook Fiddle Association. He loves teaching Aboriginal youth and being a positive role model. Come learn more about the inspiration and background of this inspiring young man.




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