Green Future 

An eco-friendly initiative

For its 29th edition, the Festival du Bois is going green!

The goal of the Green Future initiative is to promote sustainable development without impacting the festival attendees’ experience.

The four sections listed below will describe how you can help reach this goal.


We encourage you to consider using the following modes of transport to get to the festival: why not walk, bike, take the bus or Skytrain, or carpool? For more info, click HERE.

Public education
To facilitate eco-friendly decision making, come visit our designated zone during the festival. 

Waste reduction and management
Bring your own reusable water bottle to the Festival. Non-reusable water bottles will no longer be sold on site, but we will have reuseable bottles for sale if you forget yours!

Please dispose of your recycling, composting or waste in the appropriate containers. 

Reducing the impact on the natural environment
To reduce soil compaction during the event, please stay on the designated paths and walkways.


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