Roving Performers

Frenchie The Clown

Frenchie has been entertaining kids of all ages for more than 20 years. He is delighted to be back at the Festival du Bois. Born in Montréal, he now hails from Vancouver, where he has worked as a comedian since 1988. Joey Lespérance  enthusiastically assumes his persona of Frenchie the Clown as he performs daring stunts.

Danielle & Michèle

"Catherinette-à-Marie-Laure" comes from a tight-knit francophone family. She is proud of her knitting skills passed down through many generations. How about joining her by adding some stitches to the francophone community of Maillardville! 1,2,30 stitches later and it's time to celebrate the 31st edition of Festival du Bois!

"Jasette du Bouleau" and her travelling beaver companion are canoeing upstream towards the 30th anniversary of Festival du Bois. Put on your toque and ceinture fléchée (sash) and paddle your way to meet our zany travellers in Maillardville!

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