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Saturday & Sunday in the Youth Zone

The Franco-Columbian Improvisation League (LIFC) is back for another legendary improv tournament.
This year, teams from six schools: Gabrielle-Roy, Jules-Verne, Anse-au-sable, Victor-Brodeur, Carihi, and Pionniers-de-Maillardville will compete in a number of hilarious improvisations. The players will have to use their imagination, talent, and sense of humour to win you, the audience, over – and garner your votes. The art of good improvisation requires players to think quickly, be creative and cooperate, and have lots of fun. Come watch these young Francophone “actors” at play, and make your choice.

Which team will end up winning the oh-so-coveted LIFC trophy? The answer lies in your hands!

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